IT9IAS: SWL station from 1983 and only 20 mt RTTY radioamateur station since 1987.

My radio story begin in 1978 when I listen to the broadcasting radio station in MF frequency on a old valvular receiver.

Afterward, in the 1979, I build my first HF receiver in superreaction and listen to Radio Moscow, Bejing Radio, and other among the most powerful BC stations.

Early my receiver in superreaction is no more sufficient and I build another one to single conversion with a frequency meter that points out the exact tuning of the BC and endows it also in a BFO to listen  the SSB and the CW.

In the 1982 I begin the first  work experience  in the field of the electronic data processing and I buy a AL990 Philips receiver with the same features , formerly made but  more sensitive and so I connect to a MT240 a spar bowl, to inverted V for radioamateur''s band from the 80 mt to the 10 mt. With this shack I start to listen to the stations of time and frequency, the maritime stations, the press agencies, the CB and the radioamateurs. The press agencies will represent the  first contact , I obtain, with the digital broadcasts; spellbound with curiosity from those sounds, I decide to decipher them very soon as possible.

In the 1983, with the complicity of his friend and schoolmate Fabio, future IT9LFO, buy a rtx for the Citizen Band. Blasted it from the experiences and look for everything again and I have the  first approach with the DX in the high part of the CB frequencies.


In June 26 of the 1985, after have sold my rtx, I buy the first HF rtx: an Icom IC751, which manage me to continue my listening to the BC, the OM and to my DX in the CB but, above all, stimulate me to build a RTTY decoder that connection between the rtx and the Commodore 64, in this way, I''m allow to my first digital traffic.

I attend the CB group Alpha Tango for a brief time and, in July 11 1987, I enroll to the A.R.I. (Italian Radioamateurs Association) where I exchange my own experiences with others real radioamateurs.

In March 5 1986, I buy a  portable VHF : an Icom IC-02AT that will manage me to
understand how  are important the HF bands for the connections in RTTY.
In the follow period, two future radioamateurs of my same city, also dedicate theirselves to the RTTY connections in the Citizen Band: Camillo IT9LTA and Massimo IT9MOS.

In March 15 1986, I receive the "licence of operator of radioamateur''s station" no.1578/ PA and in January 10 1987  I obtain the "permission of plant and exercise of radioamateur''s station" no.369 with the call of IT9IAS.

My best friend, IT9LFO, collaborates with me in proofs and experiments in RTTY also if he continues to prefer the most traditional way of issue: SSB and CW.

My wedding ,in the September of the 1987, and my job, reduce my freetime and so my connections. Anyway, in that year, I buy a High Gain 14AVQ that I won''t ever use for problems of roof position and I build a dipole bowl inverted V only for the 20 mt that I put up in my house''s terrace.

The important is not win but participate.

I was very busy with my job ,but and  in the 1988 I participate to my first contest: the SARTG, I remain very enthusiast and since that time, I return only in occasion of the HF contest in RTTY in the individual category and in activity operative individual band.

The contest and the award

In June 25, 1990  I begin to write IT.Y, a program for RTTY in QuickBasic, with the purpose of abandon the old Commodore 64 and use the Personal Computer in the digitals QSO. In September 4 , 1990  I convert it in Visual Basic Dos. The leave, for job''s causes, of Fabio IT9LFO (now IK8WJZ) deprives me of a helper for my experiments and of incentives in the experimentation, but in the December of the 1995, I dedicate myself to the Packet Radio, I build a Baycom modem from one revisited and correct the electric diagram with a 7911 a  more handful one, using my Icom IC02AT for the traffic with the BBS of IT9XSX. Afterward, during each contest, the IT.Y. I programmed  becomes useful, and update with new functions. Finally in the 1996 I decide to allow the IT.Y. to IT9MBZ and IK8WJZ to start a more deepened test. Nowadays in my log appears only QSO almost all in RTTY, in 20 mt, and performe during the contest. It seems just that the proverb is apply : "the important is not win but participate".

IT9IAS at Kolbe Day 2006
IT9IAS at Kolbe Day 2006, during IU9MK operations

At least

In the 2006 I reduce my job''s hours and I start to collaborate with the ARI department of my city and I become an active member.

Finally, in the 2007, I decide to live out of my city,on a mountain at 740mt, I bild my support for antennas and reprise the old inverted V dipole. After the moving from the city to my new location my notebook is dead and so I reprise the microphone and I start with the SSB in decametric band. In new location i achieve my positions in RTTY contest results.

To be continued....